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Deb Geisler
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April 2017
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Deb Geisler [userpic]
Nope, not trusting the Russians...

I haven't posted much strictly to Dreamwidth, and that was several years ago (when Dreamwidth started). But, like many of my friends, the change to LiveJournal's T&C has been enough to shunt me to Dreamwidth permanently and lead to the deletion of my LJ content.

That content will be deleted at the end of next week.

See me on Dreamwidth (username, not surprisingly, is the same boring "debgeisler") if you like.

Ciao. Ta. G'bye


Can you link to me over there? I created a backup but haven't had a chance yet to figure out how it all works.

Thnak you!

Porting data

Similar question: do you know of an easy-to-use tool to port my old posts from LJ to DW?

RE: Porting data

Yep. Dreamwidth does it directly. On the Dreamwidth home page (once you've logged in - not the ppage with journal entries, but the one you get be clicking home), select "Organize," then "Import Content." You can then tell it to get stuff from LiveJournal (and it will import entries and comments, etc.), enter your LJ account and password.

Because many of us are bailing to Dreamwidth, it might take a bit for the import - also depends on amount of content, etc. Set it up and go have dinner, maybe.