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Deb Geisler
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December 2016
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Deb Geisler [userpic]
Until 4 minutes ago, I did not think Rule 34...

...applied to pasta. But it does.

Before clicking that link, you might want to be sure you know what Rule 34 is.


Al dente, please. Wouldn't want my pasta flopping about.

Yep. With cream sauce.

Er, I don't, but I clicked on that link, anyway, because I didn't think googling Rule 34 would be much use.

I prefer my pasta to look like the Space Needle, thanks.

For future reference, Google was up to the job on this one.

Yes, it certainly was. For the record, after I clicked on the link, I was more afraid of winding up with a google search full of porn, the way I did when I was shopping for knee socks one time (hint, if you're shopping for knee socks, do it with Google's safe search function turned on).

Knee socks? Knee socks?!?

Color me croggled. I am but an egg.

I had to try it, of course. With safe search turned off, I get page after page of knee socks and nothing to enlighten me about the Rule 34 aspects of knee socks. Just another example of the ever-changing reality of the web as well as Google search results themselves.

The first time I went shopping for knee socks (my preferred form of foot underwear, which unfortunately goes in and out of style regularly so they can be hard to find) I naively typed "knee socks" into Google and ended up with pages and pages of schoolgirl porn. Trust me. You do not want to go there.

Enlightened now. Adding another obvious keyword to "knee socks" did the trick. No need to click further. Moving right along...

Yep, I googled first, too, and there it all was, including
(corollary rule? -- if it exists on the internet, there's an xkcd strip for it...)