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Deb Geisler
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December 2016
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Deb Geisler [userpic]
Really bad packaging

I'm home resting today (Aren't I sensible? No. My doctor told me if I didn't behave myself, London might not be possible next week. So I'm not inherently sensible.) and decided that some mac and cheese would be a good idea.

Got out a box of elbow macaroni, boiled some water, added some of the elbows...and then started to scour the now-opened box for the cooking time. It was nowhere to be found, but other bits of advertising were there, and a recipe for something or other.

Look at recipe. It says, "Follow directions for cooking elbow macaroni. See bottom of box."

There, on the bottom flap, was a pictogram about 1.5" square with four little pictures in it. No words. And if you looked very, very carefully, you saw a little, tiny clock with the number "7" next to it.


Be sure to hold the now-opened box top closed tightly (I did) before flipping box.


That is impressively stupid. Definitely would not buy that brand again. If you're feeling sufficiently irritated you could call and tell them why.