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Deb Geisler
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December 2016
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Deb Geisler [userpic]
We appear to have gotten about 2 feet...

...which is fine, since our plow guy was mostly keeping up with it.

We're due for another 4-6" today.

Yesterday was soup and cookies. Today is empanadas and flan, eventually. While we watch the last bits of the storm stack up on the stuff already there.

This is yesterday, just after the whole affair starts...

And this is about 10 minutes ago. We've had a lot of drifting...as the next shot shows...

That's the top of a yardstick, by the way. Pretty serious drift.



No french toast?

(ducks and runs from the snowballs)

Holy kamoly. Well, as we say here in the NW, at least your summer water supply ought to be in good shape [g].

Yikes! So I'm trying to figure out whether the skinny high snow accumulation on the railings is an optical illusion and, if not, how it's staying up...