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Deb Geisler [userpic]
Well, we're looking at the "N" word, but not the "B" word, yet.

According to Universal Hub, the French Toast Index is at red, highest level, severe, OHMYGOD level.

And WBZ Meteorologist Terry Eliasen is warning of a severe, crippling snow storm the likes of which we haven't seen in several years.

Again, if the storm sets up just right, and that is a very distinct possibility, final snow amounts will rival that of our greatest snowstorms in Boston history, including the 27.1 inches in 1978.
Of course, if the winds kick in Friday night, as they're scheduled to do, then the "B" word is likely to get bandied about any time now.

Unlike the storm 35 years ago, however, the ocean will not be offering us astronomical high tides. Thank heaven for small favors.

Mike's gone grocery shopping ('cuz I have to teach tonight), so that's set. But we only have vanilla ice cream...should rectify that before it starts.



I don't know why they're all forgetting the 28" of snow at Logan back in 2003!

They're not forgetting it. But today is the anniversary of the start of the Blizzard of 78...and the Presidents Day storm in 2003 was mostly just snow, not heavy wind and astronomical high tides.

Good point.

Our weather for Thursday/Friday changed again. Yesterday, it was an ice storm. Earlier today, it was rain. Now, it's rain and snow, but just an inch or two.

Grump. I oughtn't complain, seeing how much harder you're getting hit, but that 6-8" I was hearing about this morning has morphed into 14-18" on your forecast map.

At least there's leftover tenderloin. (It came out reasonably well.)

I'm fine on eggs, but am out of both bread and milk. Hmmm, I think there best be a grocery run in my own near future....

Before you get too cocky about your storm totals, you might want to look at this map, which is at Boston.com. It's the latest weather prognostication.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

*whistles* *eats a few potato chips*

Done screaming, yet?

Whimpering, still whimpering.

The Connecticut PBS station was running a show about the blizzard of '78 tonight. Seeing just a few minutes of it didn't help my mood.

If only the predicted snow totals would drop as fast Thursday as they rose Wednesday....

(Yes, I know: "Dream on, little dreamer. Dream on.")

WCVB has posted the NOAA hour-by-hour prediction of the snow storm totals.

We're just a bit south of Lawrence, so their totals are likely to be our totals.

Damned impressive. (Fortunately, you probably won't get the Worcester Hills #s!