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More saber rattling from North Korea

The Telegraph reports that North Korea is under martial law (and this is different from every other day in Pyonyang exactly how?) and telling troops to "be ready for war" in advance of more nuclear tests.

If North Korea really wanted to protect itself, someone would take the government out to the site of the test, blow the government up, and let the people decide what was more important: food or nukes.

(Then again, I thought the same in the US in the 70s...and at other times when military spending was beefed up at the expense of other needs.)


I lived in Seoul for a few years in the early sixties (8 years after the cease fire) - my father was in the Army and that was one of his postings. At some point we had a trip to Panmumjom. Even at 11 or so one could feel the tension in the air.

One of the interesting aspects of the DMZ is that it is probably the most heavily guarded nature preserves in the world.v I very much recall on the drive from Seoul seeing the warning signs about landmines etc. I expect those will remain there for a long time, just as there's still live munitions in some of the WW I battlefields.

Anyway, about the DMZ nature preserve: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/jun/20/conservation.wildlife