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Deb Geisler [userpic]
Bumper crop of acorns 'round here

We don't have oaks at this house like we had at house 1.0...but I'm reading lots of reports from friends who do, and the acorn yield is wayyyy up this year.

In the autumn of 1995, we had a huge crop of acorns (The squirrels were saying, "Thanks, but no. Really. Can't eat another one."), and this is what the winter was like.

Oh, goody.


Thanks for the heads up!

One thing I do not miss about my Los Altos condo is the wooden deck attached to the side: it was directly under overhanging trees and for several weeks every year, it sounded like my place was under artillery attack from the squirrels bouncing acorns out of the trees onto the deck, often early in the morning.

I *so* feel your pain. House 1.0 had 5 oak trees ringing it...and a flat roof. During autumn, we would frequently say, "Pilot to bombardier...pilot to bombardier...commencing run." Only a tin roof would have been worse.

Worst part was at first, I didn't know what it was so I almost had a heart attack a couple of mornings until I finally figured out what was causing the noise.

It's a good check for cardiac health...especially in the middle of the night.


Sounds like it might just be a good autumn to win the lottery and winter in Bali.

We're just gonna hope the oak trees lie.

Acorns gone wild

We have noticed that too! Last year there were none (or almost none), to the extent that I was allowing squirrels to raid the bird feeder without shooing them away, because I felt sorry for them. Now, I hardly see any squirrels around this year, and mountains of acorns. Odd. (Paxton, Mass.)

Re: Acorns gone wild

We've also had a bumper crop of chipmunks this year...leading to a bumper crop of hawks. :-)

It's supposed to be an El Nino winter this year (milder and drier here in the great Pacific Northwet, which is a good thing as I'll be commuting an hour one way to Seattle on Saturdays).

Geeble. We'll hope there isn't a correlation... (S. is worried enough about ill-timed January snowstorms as it is!)


I think we are going to have a hugh crop this year we live in SC> hate them so much trouble getting them out of our Yard along with all the LEAVES

*snicker* For some reason, it wouldn't let me look at that link, so I tracked the strip down at the Seattle Post Intelligencer site. Very funny.

By the way, it snowed here for several hours today, but it didn't stick much. Unfortunately, I had 30 miles to drive into the teeth of the snow. *sigh*